New Cairo

Cooking day – mini pizza


Cooking day – mini pizza

  • Time: 12:00pm – 5:00pm

The little chefs at Pearly Minds proudly held their first cooking workshop where they learned to make individualized mini pizzas. Prior to the baking session, the children enjoyed selecting colorful aprons and fun, quirky chef hats to wear. Their creative toppings ranged from fluffy clouds of mozzarella cheese to twinkling silver stars of bell pepper and black olive slices.

Our staff carefully assisted the toddlers in preparing their culinary delights, reminding them to wash their tiny hands thoroughly and use oven mitts for safety. Giggles and joy resonated as the children watched their personal pizzas bake perfectly to a crisp. After enjoying the mouthwatering results of their efforts out in the garden, they received commemorable “Pizza Chef” diplomas announcing their newfound skills.

This entertaining, educational activity allowed the children to gain confidence in the kitchen while responsibly using age-appropriate tools. Documenting their experience with both a class photo session and individual portraits captured their bubbling enthusiasm forever. We look forward to planning similarly engaging, practical learning opportunities.