New Cairo

Festivities for the Prophet’s Birthday


Festivities for the Prophet’s Birthday

  • Time: 12:00pm

Pearlyminds Kindergarten held a delightful celebration for the occasion of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. The morning was filled with joy and excitement. The children wore colorful traditional outfits while decorating the kindergarten with beautiful flags and balloons. Then their sweet little voices echoed songs and poems that praise the life of the master of messengers.

In arts and crafts class, the little ones skillfully made gifts and greeting cards for the Mawlid with their tiny hands. The teachers also dressed them up in lovely traditional uniforms and helped them memorize verses from the odes.

In the evening, everyone celebrated together at a wonderful party, where presents were handed out and the guests enjoyed delicious sweets. The kids stood proudly on stage and expressed their happiness for the fragrant holiday of the human race’s master.

It was an unforgettable scene full of joy and faith, and praise be to God for the blessing of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him!