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How pre-k helps your child

How to pre-k helps your child

Children’s experts say all children can benefit from preschool programs that help them prepare for kindergarten. According to Dr. Kathleen McCartney. Dean of Harvard Graduate School of Education and Advisor to Parents Magazine “Evidence is growing that kids get a lot from kindergarten”.

Preparing Academically for Kindergarten

The academic aspects of Pre-K help students prepare for kindergarten. Children in the premium Pre-K program will learn pre-literacy and pre-math skills. They touch alphanumeric shapes and colors. These skills help build a foundation for the beginning of kindergarten. children Children who participate in Pre-K enter kindergarten with a larger vocabulary with stronger basic math skills and better pre-reading skills than children who do not participate.

Social and Emotional Preparation for Kindergarten

Pre-K is more than academic preparation. Children who enroll in a Pre-K program rather than a child care program or stay at home with their parents often enter kindergarten socially and emotionally ready to be students. They have been exposed to the classroom structure and will have a Better understand the type of behavior they expect.

Students in preschool start kindergarten with better social and behavioral management skills because they have learned to socialize with other children.

Other classroom skills developed in Pre-K include:

  • Focusing attention on a teacher
  • Listening while others are speaking
  • Waiting until it is their turn to speak

Children learn to become more independent not only to take care of themselves but also to help their preschool classmates. Young children are naturally inclined to want to help and be able to do things on their own. Pre-K prepares children for school by establishing structured routines such as:

  • Clean up the activity before moving to the next one
  • Store personal items in your own “cubby”
  • Wash hands before lunch or snack time for personal hygiene

Pearly minds offers Pre-K classes including. Pearly minds excels in providing developmentally appropriate environments and activities for all students as well as preschool social activities for young children. These programs help instill a A love of lifelong learning in children that will help them prepare for kindergarten and succeed in school and in life as they grow.

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