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Important things that your child should learn before school age

Important things that your child should learn before school age

There are many important things that your child should learn before school age, such as how to communicate effectively, how to think and express themselves at higher levels, and how to follow rules and please adults.

Additionally, it is also beneficial for your child to learn how to cook meals and do laundry independently. Teaching your child these essential life skills will prepare them for success in school and beyond.

what does my child need to start school

Your child will need a few supplies to start school. A backpack, lunchbox, and water bottle are essential. Your child may also need a change of clothes in case of accidents. You will also need to buy school supplies such as pens, pencils, paper, and notebooks.

teaching child to read before school

A love of reading opens the door to adventures, learning new things, and it involves remembering that children learn to love books long before they learn to read. Missing: School ‎| Must include: How to teach a child to read at home.

Here are nine ways, suggested by education experts, that you can encourage your preschooler Use the pictured educational cards that carry one word and a picture of it, and start showing them to the child and leave them in front of him for several seconds, until the shape of the letters is stuck in his memory, then after several times show the word only so that the child remembers the picture alone, and this method stimulates the child’s visual memory, which is a method Good for learning to read.

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Teaching the child good habits and manners

It’s never too early to teach your child the importance of morals and good manners. Many things, besides reading and writing, develop mental skills, physical abilities and the psychological state of the child, must be learned before school.

Cooperation between school and home is essential in order to emphasize this morality by all parties. As for ways of instilling values in children at school, which is the second responsible for raising values and morals through interesting stories, or providing them with books. The mother should teach the child of 7 years of age or older to participate in household chores, whether by giving him a plate from the meal or washing one of the dishes.

The sooner you start teaching your children values ​​the younger you are, the better. Some argue that preschoolers are too young to teach moral values; However, from my point of view, it is never too early to start teaching children correct behavior as it sets a clear framework for their dealings with birthday parties, habits and morals become very important.

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