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The Montessori curriculum is designed to encourage independence creativity and natural curiosity in young children. It is based on the belief that children learn best through hands-on experience and exploration and that they should be allowed to progress at their own individual pace.

Montessori classrooms are typically very nurturing and supportive environments where children feel free to experiment and take risks. The atmosphere is often quite relaxed and there is a strong emphasis on cooperation rather than competition.

Materials and activities in a Montessori classroom are carefully designed to appeal to all of the senses and to promote learning in all areas of development: cognitive social emotional and physical. There is a strong focus on practical life skills such as cooking gardening and cleaning as well as more traditional academic subjects such as reading writing and mathematics.

Montosori Curriculumfor preshcool
Montosori Curriculumfor preshcool

Original Montosori Material

Original Montessori materials are designed to be self-correcting so that children can learn independently and at their own pace. The materials are also designed to be attractive and engaging so that children will want to use them.

There are three main types of Original Montessori materials:

Practical Life Materials – these help children to develop practical skills such as washing dressing eating and tidying up.

Sensorial Materials – these help children to develop their senses including their sense of touch sight hearing smell and taste.

Math Materials – these help children to develop their understanding of numbers patterns and shapes.