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Physical Education

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Kindergarten represents the initial stage of education, as it is characterized by kindness in treating and guiding childhood. It also prepares the child for a proper upbringing to receive the following life roles on a sound basis.

It also aims to preserve the child’s instincts and care for his moral, mental, physical and emotional development in normal, normal conditions in accordance with the requirements of the age, in addition to training him in motor skills, accustoming him to correct habits, educating his senses and training him in their use, and encouraging his physical and athletic activity.

As physical education has been regarded as a crucial part of a comprehensive education, it provides opportunities for individuals to develop their physical fitness, social skills, and overall well-being. In this day and age of technology, where kids can easily find entertainment by just sitting in front of their screens, organized Physical Education (PE) sessions can serve as a motivating agent for them to get moving. 

Physical education is an essential subject taught in schools worldwide aimed at improving students’ physical competence and knowledge of movement.

What will You Learn?

  • It makes the body strong and healthy permanently by developing and strengthening muscles.
  • The child will learn to organize his time and organize his behavior.
  • Playing and sports make the child empty his excess charges, and the desire for violence decreases inside him.
  • When a child plays sports and strives to win, he feels confident in himself and in his abilities
  • Sport helps the child to develop his leadership skills and encourage him to make sound decisions on his own
  • You will teach the child how, with training, he can reach what he wants to achieve and set his goals.