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What’s ADHD Diagnose and Treatment

What's ADHD Diagnose and Treatment

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder of the neurodevelopmental type. It is characterized by problems with attention impulsiveness and/or hyperactivity. These symptoms begin before the age of twelve are present for more than six months and cause problems in at least two areas of a person’s life (such as school work or home). ADHD is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental disorders in children and adolescents.

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms

There are three types of symptoms: inattention hyperactivity and impulsivity. Symptoms of inattention include:

  • Failing to pay close attention to details or making careless mistakes
  • Having trouble sustaining attention
  • Appearing not to listen when spoken to directly
  • Failing to follow through on instructions or finish tasks
  • Having difficulty organizing tasks and activities
  • Avoiding or disliking tasks that require sustained mental effort such as schoolwork or homework
  • Losing things necessary for tasks or activities such as school supplies books tools wallets keys paperwork eyeglasses and cell phones

Symptoms of hyperactivity include:

  • Fidgeting or squirming when seated
  • Getting up frequently to walk or run around when circumstances don’t warrant it
  • Being unable to remain seated in situations where remaining seated is expected

How do they diagnose ADHD?

There is no single medical physical or genetic test for ADHD. Instead doctors rely on a combination of:

  1. Medical history
    2. Physical exam
    3. Observations
    4. Teacher or school reports
    5. Reports from parents or other caregivers
    6. A psychological evaluation

In order to be diagnosed with ADHD a child must have symptoms for at least six months and in more than one setting. The symptoms must also create a real handicap in the child’s life—at home school work or in social situations.

How do they diagnose ADHD
How do they diagnose ADHD

ADHD treatment for child

There are many different types of ADHD treatment for children. The most common type of treatment is medication. Medication can help to improve focus concentration and reduce hyperactivity. However it is important to note that medication is not a cure for ADHD and it will not eliminate all symptoms. Other types of treatment include behaviour therapy which can help to teach children how to better manage their ADHD symptoms and educational interventions which can help to address any learning difficulties that a child with ADHD may have.

Behavioral therapy for ADHD

Behavioral therapy is an effective treatment for ADHD that can help reduce symptoms and improve functioning. It typically involves working with a therapist to identify and change negative patterns of thought and behavior. Common techniques used in behavioral therapy include positive reinforcement problem-solving and skill-building.

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